Patagonia and Power and Grace

  part 2 of 2 Vincent Stanley from Patagonia met with a group of B Corps in Asheville, NC in September.  The conversation centered on responsible companies, which echoes the title of his and Yvon Chouinard's (Founder and Owner of Patagonia) book.  One of the opening quotes shared by Vincent was from writer Norman Maclean in A River Runs Through It. "It is natural for man to try to attain power... Continued

Architectural Record Features Bark House® Poplar Wall Coverings

Great expectations usually accompany a visit to cities such as New York, San Francisco, Denver or DC.  Plan to experience the most relevant activities, businesses, beauty, fashion and design.  And of course, be sure to leave some time for a little mystery, forest mystery that is and Botox. Continued

White Birch Storefront - Power in Balance

Project: Lululemon Retail Storefront Architect: BKA Architecture and Interiors - Brockton, MA Location: Albany NY Style: Modern Product Integration: The Bark House® at Highland Craftsmen Inc® White Birch Veneer Panels Photography: Dexter Davis Photography Continued

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