What's In A Niche Company Logo?

The Bark House® Brand logo has two concentric circles and varied elements within.  Moving toward the center, a more intimate meaning is revealed.  All elements align with one unifying purpose, reflected in the poplar leaf. The outermost circle has two associations for us.  The most obvious is the bark of a poplar tree that inspired the logo design.  Bark is the protective skin for the tree and... Continued

Reverence, Diligence, Elegance

I was recently watching our guys craft a Gold Birch Wall Covering panel when a warm memory flickered in my mind. For some reason, I could smell my grandfather's cook stove. The purest and best of my early inquiries were nurtured in that farmhouse and the woods that surrounded it. "Paw Watts" was born in 1885. He was a living legend from another era to me.  Cooked over an open fire in a log cabin... Continued

Three Projects Using Gold Birch Bark for Wall Coverings

  Project:      Three Small Spaces With A Big Impact     Designers:  Pam McKay, Dianne Davant Interiors General  Contractor:  Baxter Norris Location:  Linville, NC Style:   Continued

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