Bark House® White Pine Veneer Laminate Can the White Pine Bark be used on exteriors as well as interiors? In most cases, white pine bark is used for interior application.  However, in certain cases, it is appropriate for it to be used on protected exterior walls.  For more details on this, call us at (828)765-9010 to discuss. What sizes do White Pine Panels come in? We laminate White Pine to two... Continued

Introducing NEW Rough Pine and Rough Pine Sanded & Lacquered Created Exclusively at Bark House®

The incredibly textured look and feel or rough white pine wall coverings is its first attraction.  The rich reddish brown to dark brown color completes the sense of luxury that is associated with this new product.  Harvested from the lower trunk of the white pine tree, this bark veneer wall covering is removed by our woodsmen before the logs are purposed.  Careful drying techniques set the pitch... Continued

Dramatic Interior Pulls Inhabitants Outside

Product: Bark House® White Pine Bark Wall Treatment Project: Private Residence Architect: Rich Graves, Principle Architect, Altius Design Group, Montana Builder: Malmquist Construction Designer:  Barb Cooke, Owner, Velvet Leaf Studio, Missoula, Montana Distributor: Earth Elements Location: Whitefish, Montana Project Vision (from the builder’s perspective): The vision really started with the... Continued

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