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Introducing NEW Rough Pine and Rough Pine Sanded & Lacquered Created Exclusively at Bark House®

The incredibly textured look and feel or rough white pine wall coverings is its first attraction.  The rich reddish brown to dark brown color completes the sense of luxury that is associated with this new product.  Harvested from the lower trunk of the white pine tree, this bark veneer wall covering is removed by our woodsmen before the logs are purposed.  Careful drying techniques set the pitch... Continued

2017's Largest Poplar Panel


Wilderness Heroes

Back in January, my brother Eric called and wanted a backpacking trip arranged for the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area for late February. He and I used to through hike that place a lot but it had been 25 years since our last trip. Ryan and Matt here at the office got wind of it and well, then it was on. Took a week to dig my antique camping gear out of storage. Figured my son needed a humbling... Continued

Reverence, Diligence, Elegance

I was recently watching our guys craft a Gold Birch Wall Covering panel when a warm memory flickered in my mind. For some reason, I could smell my grandfather's cook stove. The purest and best of my early inquiries were nurtured in that farmhouse and the woods that surrounded it. "Paw Watts" was born in 1885. He was a living legend from another era to me.  Cooked over an open fire in a log cabin... Continued

The Rare and Elusive Bark Panel

For years, Ryan and I have tried to explain to folks how incredibly difficult it is to harvest our Poplar Bark Panels. I have always said “one in a thousand trees” to push the point. Last year we decided to follow one of our favorite logging crews into the forest to try to film the procurement of this nearly unobtainable product. They had just procured a hard-fought selection of panels that met a... Continued


Gary McCurry, our former operations manager, has officially retired from Bark House. He has been my older brother for years, although there has been no genetic testing to conclusively prove this. It is quite a challenge to identify our relation when comparing natures, as he is generally the calm and balanced voice of logic while I am noted as being high strung and unyielding in temperament.... Continued

1781 Yorktown March Denoted By Bark House® Split Rails

A couple years back, our company was privileged to have the opportunity to provide Black Locust Split Rail Fencing to the National Park Service for the Yorktown Battlefield. Everyone here understood the importance and significance of this destination. It was a very large order that took us all winter to produce. I particularly remember a number of blustery snowy days that made the log splitting... Continued

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