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Bark House® White Pine Veneer Laminate Can the White Pine Bark be used on exteriors as well as interiors? In most cases, white pine bark is used for interior application.  However, in certain cases, it is appropriate for it to be used on protected exterior walls.  For more details on this, call us at (828)765-9010 to discuss. What sizes do White Pine Panels come in? We laminate White Pine to two... Continued

Bark House Bark Product - Distribution

Our distributors have a talent for showcasing Bark House products...   Continued

Bark House Team Hike Linville Gorge

The team had such a great time on this hike in 2016, that they just had to do it again! Continued

Hiking the John Muir Trail

Three years ago, Marty asked me, “So, what’s your next big adventure?"  I told him that I had been dreaming of hiking the entire John Muir Trail.  His quick response was, “have fun."  I then explained to him that it wouldn’t be possible as I would have to be off from work for an entire month.  Without pause, Marty again said, “have fun.”  I couldn’t believe that he was OK with me being gone for... Continued

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