Poplar Pole End Cut Panels

Unlike our other wall coverings, The Bark House is not the original designer of end-cut panels – we just do them better than anyone else.  Here’s how:

Meticulously handcrafted with standardized methods, this product has earned the Bark House brand that holds up to commercial grade performance.  Each end cut is inspected for material integrity, kiln dried and heat sterilized.  Oblique perspectives of panels define the 3″ variance in pole thickness while perpendicular views showcase the 6″ range of diameters.  Poplar was chosen because it does not check like other woods do.  Bark House options include the ability to create a custom size wall that easily slides together with hidden seams or celebrated seams to showcase individual panel dimensions.  Finish options are available as well as the ability to have a flat surface or staggered heights of the individual poles.  We give you options so that you can customize the design to uniquely fit your style and space.


To buy Bark House Celebrated Seam poplar pole end-cuts wall panel Celebrated Seam



Bark House Custom Fabricated Poplar Pole End Cuts pieced together Hidden Seam after joined



For sale - Bark House poplar pole end-cuts with Uniform Lengths/Heights Uniform Lengths.  Unfinished.



For sale - Bark House poplar pole end-cuts with Staggered Lengths/Heights Staggered Length.  Lacquer Finish.


For more information and an extensive gallery of photos visit our product page: https://barkhouse.com/natural-bark-wood-products/poplar-pole-end-cut-panels/


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