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Project: Large Tech Company

Architect/Project Lead Designer: Parabola Architects

Design-Build Contractor:  Devcon Construction Inc.

Photographer: Prakash Patel Photography

Product: Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels

Location: Sunnyvale California, 1212 Bordeaux

Project Vision: According to the Parabola Architects website: “Embodying Google's design 

principles of beauty and simplicity, 1212 Bordeaux is designed to inspire and empower Googlers, while supporting the long-term health and vitality of the community and environment.”

A close-up image notes that the large monolithic Bark House® bark wall covering was a part of the architect's strategy to achieve a LEED Platinum Certification for the building.  Photo by Prakash Patel Photography. Confidential Tech Company sports Bark House Interior Poplar Bark Panels.

Other Details:  Read more about the 7 Attributes Specified By Google Employees.  Bark House meets 6 of the 7 important criteria.


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