Three Projects Using Gold Birch Bark for Wall Coverings


Project:      Three Small Spaces With A Big Impact

Yellow Birch Wall Covering Linville NC Dianne Davant Interiors



Designers:  Pam McKayDianne Davant Interiors
General  Contractor:  Baxter Norris
Location:  Linville, NC

Rustic Lodge




Locati: Interior Yellow Birch Wall Covering, Kansas




Designers: Locati Interior Design
General  Contractor:  JNL Innovative Construction
Location:  Fairway, KS
Style:  Rustic Traditional








Yellow Birch Wall Covering Boone NC 001



Designers:  Steve Silver, Boone Construction Co
General  Contractor:  Boone Construction Company
Location:  Boone, NC
Style:  Mountain Rustic



Product Integration:  Bark House® Gold Birch Bark Laminates

Bark House®  Gold Birch Laminates make a statement as a wall covering in any room with their beautiful luminescent golden bronze tones and subtle silvery highlights.  This differentiates small spaces and lends well to spotlighting precious works of art.  The "weave technique" designed and crafted at Bark House® results in a "seamless" uninterrupted wall covering without size restrictions.  Application in concave and convex spaces is easy as well.  Installation is well suited in Modern to Rustic Styles, Commercial to Residential applications.  Prior to using the laminates in high moisture environments or areas that will require repeated cleanings, a sealer should be applied.


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